We have just returned from attending a reenactment of the Battle of Longwoods followed by mini militia drills.   It was formidable in its simple splendor.   Watching history up close makes learning much fun, and  I’ve added reenactor to my list of to-dos.    I’ve thought long and hard about my character.  She’s a knitter.    I smell like a campfire. … Continue reading


I treated myself to a new lens.   New to me anyways.   Hello, zoom.  Hello, daffodils.   Other stuff I’m stoked about – the Met opens this weekend, dinner with my littles tomorrow, casting off a blanket, and outdoor soccer starts in less than two weeks.

bunny nugget

Happy Easter!  I finished this bunny nugget just in the nick of time.   Next up – turkey!


With a LOT of help from a friend, we started some seedlings, and I can spend hours a day just looking at our new baby plants.  There are flowers, herbs and vegetables mixed in here.   I desperately want to do well by them.   Happy Earth Day.


Last night we remembered to pull out the Easter decorations.  I still don’t have ‘gifts’ for the girls, but my reason is that instead of going shopping, I went to a community meeting re: homelessness and poverty, and chocolates and token presents seemed silly after talking about mental health, street health care and affordable housing.


The Bumblebee and I woke up early and went on an Easter egg hunt.  There were pancakes, chocolates, crafts, cookies, and pictures taken with the Easter bunny.  It reminded me that we haven’t brought up the giant box of Easter decorations from the basement.   We’re getting sloppy.


I love this little chubby bubby so much.   Not everyone can pull off a tat AND a barnyard bib.  One day I will buy him a deathstar cookie jar.


Can you believe I’ve made two of these over the last month?  It’s a simple and straight forward knit, and I’m a simple and straight forward gal.

les libellules

Our first time crafting with wire brought on much laughter and tears.  Those wires are sharp!!   And although the directions ( ) were written comprehensively, we all had different interpretations, but we prefer to call them design modifications.  Consider these bad boys ‘prototypes’.   I think we know what we’re doing now.

petits gateaux et biscuits

It was bake sale time again,  so we whipped up vanilla cupcakes and sugar cookies.  I’ve been hankering to bake these sugar cookies for a long time.   I seriously need to buy this cookbook.   I don’t have a picture of the baked cookies, but imagine them a little golden around the edges, and you have … Continue reading