best friends

Dinner can not be inhaled fast enough each evening for these three amigos.  They own the neighbourhood playground. Advertisements

vert et blanc

Nothing terribly exciting around these parts.   We like to roll with the mundane.   The bumblebee is studying for the Grade 3 EQAO, and the teenager is working on a density science lab en francais.   The mister has taken up running.   The garden is being tended.   I found my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I … Continue reading


What a lovely long weekend!  We are now official members of the pioneer village.  It is essential that I make a penny rug.   As soon as possible.

domestic affairs

Yesterday I accomplished my annual flower shopping,  filled my planters, biked along the river, stocked up on fruits and vegetables, and took a walk in the dark with my littles.    We could hear plenty of fireworks.   The challenge was sighting them.    Today is wet and quiet.   I’ve made some recent discoveries that others may find … Continue reading


The littlest was gifted a desk, and it was quickly adorned with a small bouquet of freshly picked dandelions  from the yard.   A friend today asked if dandelions were the new grass.  I imagine her yard may look similar to ours.  Must go oil up my bike chains for some ridin’.    Before I forget, I want … Continue reading


I’m still waiting on my lilac bush in the backyard to bloom, so the hydrangea on the dining room table will have to suffice.   I was thinking about Fathers Day this afternoon, and I think I know some dads who might enjoy a ‘stache mug.   A trip to Michaels is in order.

gathering threads

Oh my!   This was so much fun!   And I enhanced my yarn stash.   Enough said.

fait accompli

As promised, pictures of projects that I have finished knitting.   The top is a simple baby cardi with seed-stitch edging knit with a washable wool/acrylic blend.   The pattern is from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  The socks are just plain ol’ vanilla stockinette knit on 2.5mm circs over 60 sts. Yesterday I started on yet … Continue reading


I have been out and about almost every weeknight recently.  I’m looking forward to the next time I am home to stay after dinner.   Next time I should report on my knitting.   Surprisingly projects are being finished, and my success rate is at an all-time high.  It helps that I have frogged all projects that … Continue reading


After the cat chuffed under the dining room table,  we went on a full-day road trip to a conservation area where the chickadees eat right out of your hand.   First we picnicked by a little lake, and once our bellies were full, the little girl cousins rolled down the hill while the big boy cousins skipped stones … Continue reading