The littlest was gifted a desk, and it was quickly adorned with a small bouquet of freshly picked dandelions  from the yard.   A friend today asked if dandelions were the new grass.  I imagine her yard may look similar to ours. 

Must go oil up my bike chains for some ridin’.    Before I forget, I want to declare the Fruli my summer 2011 beverage.

2 Responses to “dandelion”
  1. Robyn says:

    A desk! Lucky girl.

    Our yard is infested with dandelions too. Jamie said he filled (and dumped) the bucket about 15 times when weeding yesterday and he still has a patch left to do. Would you like any lawn with your dandelions? They’re so gross! Nice to photograph, but WEEDS! Grumble.

  2. tara says:

    I love dandelions when they are yellow and sunny. I think they look beautiful on the lawn. My husband disagrees. However, my love affair with the dandelion fades when they go to seed. How can I get my hands on a Fruli?


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