hex nuts & twine

We made these hex nut bracelets using this tutorial last month, and it slipped my mind to post them.   The instructions are clear and simple.  I think they have a beach-y nautical look.   The longest part of this project was finding the hex nuts and cotton twine at the hardware store  without asking for … Continue reading

ma fille

The Bumblebee ALWAYS makes me insanely happy.   She also weirds me out when she reads my mind.   It’s possible that we share a brain.

chocolate chip cookies

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup packed brown sugar 1 cup butter or margarine 2 eggs 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 1/2 cups flour 2 cups  chocolate chips DIRECTIONS: Cream together sugar and margarine until smooth.  Add eggs and vanilla and blend well.  Add flour, baking soda and salt, stir until … Continue reading


Rarely do I knit upon request.   I am uncomfortable with meeting people’s expectations of me in general.   Wow.  It felt cleansing to type that.   It’s akin to being judged.   And Todd knows, I am judge-y myself.   I don’t like it.    I must do a better job at being  compassionate.   Ack, I got off track there.   … Continue reading


The girls and I only require one thing from their dad and my dad – BBQ skills.   Both dads excel when it comes to grilling meat.   Our hearts and bellies are full of love.   Look at that burg!   Exquisite! I found the perfect Father’s Day card this year in the “From Cat” section.   On the … Continue reading

wwkip day

Today I went with my friend Mandy to the Little Red Mitten to celebrate World Wide Knit In Public Day.    And knit in public we did.   I’m probably a certified St. Thomas tour guide now.   We drank Dead Elephant ale, dipped our toes into Lake Erie, trespassed in backyards, strolled through cemeteries, talked to geese, … Continue reading


The pink peonies are in bloom and have found their way on to my mantle at last.  Sigh. I am indeed knitting and finishing lots, but much of it has been bleh.  This baby jacket, however, was a treat to knit.  The yarn is Dye-Version milk/cotton and hand-dyed locally. It is soft and drapey.   … Continue reading


After biking home from work on a Friday afternoon, all I require is a tall glass of lemonade with a few sprigs of mint from the garden and knitting in hand.   I’ve foolishly cast on a new cardigan when I really should be finishing the one that has been on the needles for nearly a … Continue reading

Goodwill Hunting

I’ve volunteered to be a regular contributor on my local Goodwill’s blog.   You can find out about this cup over at That’s Goodwill.    I’ll be sharing my most treasured  finds, ways to reuse and recycle what you might think is trash, and reasons you need to hop on the Goodwill bandwagon too.    I have about a … Continue reading