old quebec

It wasn’t all mountains and swimming for us while we were gone.  We also hit the city and probably hiked more than we did in the woods.   My feet are still recovering.   We had so much fun exploring old Quebec.  The highlight was catching the cirque du soleil perform under a bunch of converging overpasses … Continue reading


We’re back from our holiday!   We ventured upwards into the Laurentides, and the views and the food were out of this world.   There was lots of swimming and hiking, and I accomplished a lot of reading and knitting.   I probably mentioned that I’d like to move there about every five minutes while I feasted my … Continue reading


We picked FIFTEEN pounds of heavenly blueberries.    I ate a few in between picking, and I’d say that there wasn’t a bad berry in the whole orchard.   On our way out, I asked one of the staff when picking would be over, and she noted that there was picking all the way until the end … Continue reading


Last summer I spent a small fortune on dried lavender to make up sachets (which I never did do), and it seemed silly because I have a big bush of lavender in my front garden.   I’m getting wise in my old age – I have been harvesting my lavender, and I hope to have a … Continue reading


A day in the life of our cat consists of searching out spots of sunlight and then flopping down in them.   I completely get this.   This particular spot is a doozy because she’s also scored a soft fleece-y blanket and several pillows to prop up her head.   Very wise.


It’s the weekend again.   How did that happen?  I feel the days flying by with my hands holding on for dear life.   Hard to smell the roses when one is always on the run.   I know of one little girl who desperately needs a bath – she will tell you different.  There is a bucket … Continue reading


I prefer to refer to weeds as native plants.    There is beauty in that.   This particular native plant reminds me of fireworks.  I also like Weeds the tv show, and the seventh season has started without me!   Exciting times in these parts.   The girls are officially out of school.     I am on a reprieve from … Continue reading


Meet our neighbours.   Bonjour, petits oiseaux!   We go through a buttload of birdseed throughout the year, but oh the songs that they sing us – GOLD!  They certainly earn their keep.


We REALLY loved the cat-dad card, and we’ve decided it could work for an assortment of cards.   The inside of the cat-dad card said, ” I love you, man.”, but it could easily say, “I want to touch sharks.”   I personally do not want to touch sharks, but a cat smokin’ catnip might say that.    … Continue reading