It’s the weekend again.   How did that happen?  I feel the days flying by with my hands holding on for dear life.   Hard to smell the roses when one is always on the run.   I know of one little girl who desperately needs a bath – she will tell you different.  There is a bucket of dough that keeps getting nudged to the back of the fridge that just needs to be pulled out and baked into exactly two loaves of bread.   There is a tennis skirt languishing on the back of a chair that looks much too new.   Boredom is not in our vocabulary at this moment.   For now, I have a pillow with my name on it.

One Response to “busy-ness”
  1. Robyn says:

    I wish I knew where the weeks go? I wake up Monday and then the next thing I know it’s Friday. Then I wake up Monday again and the next thing I know, it’s Friday. I hear ya!


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