I am always bragging about my immune system, so it would only make sense that I catch a sticky  nasty stomache bug.   I lost my appetite.  That’s serious.  Because I eat a lot.  All the time.  I love food.   I’ve been on a saltines and ginger ale diet for seven days.   But today, I was determined that I am better.   I ate the dinner that was put in front of me when I got home from work –  a cob of corn, green beans and a steak.   I let it all settle for about five minutes, and I insisted we all get in the car armed with shovels and pails, towels, and my camera and head to the beach.   Forty-five minutes later, we were digging in the sand, listening to the waves and seagulls, and watching the littlest jumping waves.  We stayed like that for a long time.   I got my groove back.   We  should make this a Tuesday night gig.


3 Responses to “pause”
  1. tara says:

    Ugh. I hate stomach bugs. Glad you found your mojo again. Spending time at the beach will do that to a person.

  2. Robyn says:

    Feel better soon hun! We’ve got a small bug in our house too 😦


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