do good

I don’t say it probably enough, but I work for an awesome non-profit organization full of the most compassionate and strong people.   So when one of our community partners initiated a month of kindness project three years ago, we hopped on that wagon without hesitation.   The idea is to challenge our community to do an impressive amount of acts of kindness during the month of October.   Businesses, schools, families, individuals –  everyone is encouraged to participate and simply report the number by the end of the month.   To no surprise, the community has surpassed the goal set each year.  Well last month, we joined one big act of kindness – Clicks for Babies.   Over the past few weeks, we’ve managed to knit over thirty purple baby hats.    So that’s why there are no finished cardigans.  I’m in deep competition mode here.    I’m knitting at red lights.  I’m knitting instead of eating lunch.   I’m knitting in bed.   I’m knitting during meetings.  I’m knitting on the beach.  Imagine how many we’ll have by the end of October!

2 Responses to “do good”
  1. Kathryn says:

    Ha! I’m glad I saw this, I started a hat finally and then thought – oh crap! Does is this still on? Good to know I’ve got till October 🙂

  2. You’ve inspired me yet again! I will cast on for a purple hat tonight for someone else’s little one on behalf of my own November baby. Let’s just hope he stays in until November!


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