We had a beautiful morning for a photowalk on Sunday.   Next weekend is the reenactment of the18 12  invasion of Upper Canada.    It’ s quite possible that if you go, you will see me there swooning and sighing over the period merchants and the tents and the clothes and the tools and the materials … Continue reading

two door cinema club

I’ve been singing this under my breath all week.   The Bumblebee would like me to stop.


Tomorrow morning there is a photowalk at the Pioneer Village.    Photowalks are free and open to all.   Dust off your camera!  I take any excuse to visit the pioneer village.

treasure hunting

Today I’m guest blogging over on my local Goodwill blog.  Find out what’s on my treasure list.  Please be so good as to find me all of it.   I pay in friendship and laughs.


It’s so easy to get involved in a community.  You just have to put yourself out there.   I find this terrifying, but over the last few years, I’ve learned that if I don’t put myself out there, I’m missing out on lots of really awesome stuff that’s happening.   And to be honest, it’s quite exciting … Continue reading


School is now well underway, and it’s been relatively easy falling back into our morning routines.   That was a relief!   Running has replaced soccer for a short interval before indoor soccer starts up again.   I’m also involved with a few community projects,  and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my nomination for school council gets … Continue reading

neuf ans

The Bumblebee turned 9 with a big bang!  She had a gaggle of her best friends over for a backyard stage party this afternoon, and they brought magic tricks,  silly poems, crazy dance moves, outside voices and large appetites.   Oh dear!   There was karaoke, a few plays, photo props, lots of giggles and applause, and … Continue reading