fleece festival

Surprise, surprise.   I came home with a bag of  new yarn.   It took one shop staff to remind me that I have a big shipment of wool on its way to curb my spending.   I was like, “Oh yeah.  I kind of forgot about that. ”  I don’t know if it was forgetting as … Continue reading

bed linens

I’m guest blogging over at the Goodwill today!  Go see why I have a zillion bedsheets and pillow cases.

giving thanks

Every day I am thankful for my family, good health, our home, lots of food, jobs with benefits  and friends.    A pile of knitting doesn’t hurt either.


Just some randoms for this grey, cool and drizzle-y day. I made this creamy cauliflower soup for dinner, and it was delicious.  Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to tackle cauliflower soup, but there it is. I read this blog post about the kendama craze, and then I watched this youtube video, and … Continue reading

war of 1812

Just another day at the ol’ Pioneer Village.   I can’t say I’ve had enough of that place.   Is it weird that we’ve kind of become regulars, and when we pop into the different buildings, we continue conversations with the character actors as if we’re old acquaintances?   I’m tempted to bring my knitting and pull up … Continue reading