Still here.  We’ve been getting out as much as we can before it snows.   It would seem that we’re all thinking Christmas already, and I suppose it’s really only a month off, but my calendar is filling up quickly making me feel a bit scramble-y.   For instance, the poinsettias we ordered through the littlest’s school have already arrived, and the mantle and buffet needed clearing of fall decorating in a mad rush.   And then there are the holiday parties that seem to have all been scheduled the first week of December, and that’s only a week away.  Eek.    Needless to say, the house is starting to look festive.   As for gift shopping, I’m doing as much as possible online or at small local businesses.   Christmas knitting is done in the sense that my goal has been achieved, and the rest is gravy.   Ice skates need to be dug out of the closet and sharpened.   I’ve already stocked up on hot chocolate.   It’s probably going to be most likely the bestest month ever.

If you’re local, you might be interested in these upcoming (mostly FREE)  events, and you’ll absolutely most definitely see me at all of them.

Now forgive me while I go see if the littlest has washed all the ketchup out of her hair.

One Response to “chill”
  1. LaurieM says:

    Beautiful photography! I admire your skills.


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