All the stuff I’m mucho grateful for this week . . . friends who make me want to be better  – physically, creatively, socially, mentally – are there more ways? love – I probably don’t say it enough, but I am given lots of it, and I hope I give enough in return knitting … Continue reading


What have we learned from this exercise? We go through a lot of toilet paper. At some point, we got so bored that we started to play with our toilet paper tubes. I spend probably too much time on pinterest. We would  make good toy maker pioneers. It is not easy to draw on a … Continue reading

sweet 16

16 years ago today I was the most scared and happy that I’ve ever been in my life.    She was so tiny – 5 lbs 2oz.    While she slept, I finished knitting her baby blanket – my first ever knitting project (ironically, I wouldn’t pick up knitting needles again for another eight years).   The next … Continue reading