Blueberry muffins sweetened with honey  and some peach slices are my comfort food. See I’m obsessed.   In the past two weeks I’ve soaked up a friend’s post on being versus doing, watched this eye-opening video on the pathology of white privilege,  and stared in amazement at this Afghan war rug exhibit .   Honestly I’ll … Continue reading


Excuse the old pictures from February.  I’m catching up still.  My days seem to go by super fast, and then it is night again all too quickly.  I fall into bed exhausted, and seconds later my alarm is telling me it’s time to begin a new day.     Meditating once a week at my yoga class … Continue reading


:: right now :: ~ listening to damien rice ~ eating skittles ~ knitting a bright orange ishbel ~ tapping my foot ~ thinking about starting up a simplicity circle


The littlest would love most to have a dog, but we run a democratic house, and the majority has ruled out dogs.   It saddens me to not grant her this one wish, but I agree that a dog would be a big responsibility and could be an expensive one at that.   Plus we have a … Continue reading