$4 of wintry white wool roving

Just finished scarfing down the most delicious pain au chocolat from the market, and before I freshen up Yo Yo’s fish bowl, I thought I would jot down some words in this space.    There is always lots going on around here.

  • The teen is enjoying her 1/2 credit civics class, and I could probably learn a thing or two from her.
  • The littlest is trying out for her school’s spring cabaret.
  • Last week my mum, the teen and I went to see Hair at the Grand, and we ended up being dragged dancing on the stage during the finale.   This was equally horrifying and hysterical.
  • I’ve  started knitting a Harvest Moon cardigan in the prettiest cherry red merino wool.
  • The Grickle Grass Festival is two weeks away.  I desperately want to go see The Woody Allens sing this, Del Bel sing this and Thesis Sahib sing Every Last Word.   I need people to come with me.   For the love of Todd, please do not make me go alone.  There will be alcohol and drinking boxes.   I pay in friendship.
  • Happy Mums Day to all the ladies out there!  We have a picnic and some hiking on the agenda tomorrow.  I’m least looking forward to the 2-hour soccer game instead of dinner.  I’ll feel better once it’s over.   It’s the price I pay for sitting and knitting on my butt all week.
  • I should also mention that Better London needs volunteers, and you can earn political points by helping out with ideas, spreading the word and engaging others to get engaged!   I think healthy competition is fun.  Join me!  And then take me to the Grickle Grass Festival.    Seriously.   I’m not kidding.   I am not strong enough to stand there by myself and sip on an orange juice drinking box.   It’s not cool.
One Response to “score”
  1. Robyn says:

    Hope you had a wonderful mothers day!

    Sounds like things have been busy good by you.


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