You would think that all we do is hike and picnic,  and I’d be down with that if that really was the case.   To celebrate Mother’s Day, my sister and I packed lots of food and the kids in our cars, and we met our mum and dad at yet another conservation area so that we could eat by a lake and laugh.   Once we stuffed ourselves full, we went out to search for a trail to hike and crossed our fingers that we would not get lost.   Honestly though, if we were ever to get lost, my mum would get us out of the woods safely.   I can’t ever remember feeling afraid when she’s by my side.  When I was a teenager, I vowed daily that I would never be like her – you know, with rules and discipline and impatience and general meanness, the usual stuff that teenagers moan about.   And as I got older and more mature, I realize that she was right AND awesome.   I hope that I have inherited her absolute commitment to EVERYTHING, her common sense (I’m working on it!), and her sense of equality.   I’ve never seen her give up on anything.  She’s never called in sick ever.    She’s never late.   And the lady can cut a cake  so that no grandchild cries that someone got more.   And this afternoon when I realized that I didn’t pack spoons for the yogurt, she breezily suggested I use a celery stick.   Problem solved.   She’s my hero!  Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

One Response to “mère”
  1. Robyn says:

    Sounds like a great way to celebrate mothers day!


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