We inherited some thriving rose bushes when we bought this house.   On the north side, we have these palest of pink big roses.  In the front, we have the tiniest, prettiest pink tea roses that smell divine – especially after a a light rain shower.   On the south side, under the littlest’s bedroom window, we … Continue reading


This ‘spending time outdoors’ stuff is easy peasy lemon squeezy.   I’d like to think it’s because the back yard is really shaping up nicely.   No thanks to me though.  I just take pictures, serve cold glasses of lemonade, knit a few rows in one of the deck chairs, and chat up a storm.  Sometimes I’ll … Continue reading

nuit blanche

Last night the Bee and I ventured downtown after dark for nuit blanche, and it did not disappoint.   We started at Museum London, and art was made, cheese and fruit was enjoyed, music was heard, friends were greeted, exhibits were admired, and half a glass of wine was sipped back.   Then we hit the street … Continue reading

icebox cake

An icebox cake just because I happened to have chocolate wafers and whipping cream on hand.  This is my go-to dessert for company.  I’ve not met anyone who can resist its charms.    It just needs a couple of hours to chill, and it will be ready to devour when the teen comes home from … Continue reading

car free day

We had almost 30 hula hoops, lots of streamers and the imagination playground from Storybook Gardens, and we played hard in  the spirit of Car Free Day.   There was yoga and salsa dancing to the right of us, and beyond that, there were almost a hundred stationary bikes for a giant spinning session.   To the … Continue reading


It’s Day 5 of the 30×30 Nature Challenge, and so far I’ve been keeping up.   The last two days have been spent running after the soccer ball and kicking air like a pro, but today I got to spend a bit of time admiring the garden in the backyard.  We have radishes and carrots and … Continue reading

leeks & ricotta tart

leek and ricotta tart

Leek & ricotta tarts are my new favourite Sunday dinner.    They are so delicious and easy and beautiful that I want to invite everyone over to admire and taste them.   Fortunately there is always lots left because Josh has an issue with ricotta cheese, and the Bumblebee has an issue with all food that is … Continue reading


I’ve eaten too many banana coconut muffins.  Just saying. The peonies are in bloom all outside in the yard and inside on the mantle. I’ve signed up for David Suzuki’s 30×30 Nature Challenge, and I’m documenting it on flickr – it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything. I’m hooked on Kishi Bashi.  In.  Love.  … Continue reading