It’s Day 5 of the 30×30 Nature Challenge, and so far I’ve been keeping up.   The last two days have been spent running after the soccer ball and kicking air like a pro, but today I got to spend a bit of time admiring the garden in the backyard.  We have radishes and carrots and tomatoes sprouting, and the celery and pepper plants that the squirrels had attempted to dig up have miraculously recovered, but my spicy basil wasn’t so lucky.    You win some, you lose some.   These are first world problems.

If you live in London under a rock, you’ll want to know that this Saturday (June 9) is Car Free Day downtown, and you will have fun if you go.   Heck, I’ll be there with hula hoops.   Seriously.   Hula hoops.

In other news, the Bee is constructing a castle for a school project, and today she tells me it NEEDS a keep.  So we had to learn what one was first.    I learned something new.   Did you learn something new today?  Was it what a keep was?   Am I the only person who didn’t know that?   Perhaps I need to redo Grade 4.

One Response to “foxgloves”
  1. Robyn says:

    Car free day is a good idea!


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