We inherited some thriving rose bushes when we bought this house.   On the north side, we have these palest of pink big roses.  In the front, we have the tiniest, prettiest pink tea roses that smell divine – especially after a a light rain shower.   On the south side, under the littlest’s bedroom window, we have deep bright pink roses that are small and clumped together in little pre-made bouquets.  Every spring I cross my fingers that the bushes will bloom as much or more than the previous summer.  So far, we’re in luck despite very little work on our part.

Completely off-topic, here’s some good make-sense words to live by –The Rules of Engagement.  Read it, and you’ll be smarter.

And then I recommend dancing to this – Ce Jeu .  I never get sick of this song.  It makes me want to colour everything stripey.



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