I’ve been winding up wool cakes for an asymmetrical cardigan, and so far the yoke has been knit, and I’m well into the body.   For my on-the-go knitting, I’ve been making  mittens since I don’t remember knitting any mittens last year.  And each year, more mittens lose their matches.  It’s time to replenish our supply.   My plan … Continue reading

owls + bees

A brass owl from the Brydges Street antique market which matches perfectly with my pair of brass owls I found at the Goodwill Three beeswax pinecone candles from the agricultural showcase at the fair Still listening to Kishi Bashi ridiculously.  Like I can’t get enough.  It’s up there with dandelion wine.


I was one of five local bloggers chosen to write for the Western Fair’s Real Serious Fun Blog this week.  You can read all about the fun we had here and here.


My baby bumblebee now has ten years under her belt.  I can’t carry her around anymore.  I’ve tried, and her legs dangle where my legs are trying to walk.   She’s magic loop knitting a hat.  Like a pro.  She knows every song on the radio – it seems I can never change the channel because … Continue reading


The Bee and I packed a picnic, a blanket, the camera and my knitting, and we headed over to our most favourite spot.  We said hello to the sheep, the pigs and the ducks, checked on the progress of the weavers and then spread our blanket under a tree in the village square.   We dreamed … Continue reading