My baby bumblebee now has ten years under her belt.  I can’t carry her around anymore.  I’ve tried, and her legs dangle where my legs are trying to walk.   She’s magic loop knitting a hat.  Like a pro.  She knows every song on the radio – it seems I can never change the channel because she loves every song.  When she opened up our gift, she turned to us and said with absolute sincerity that we didn’t need to buy her a gift.  My heart swells just looking at her.  She dances.  All. The. Time.   We took her bowling, and she danced while throwing the bowling ball down the lane.  Then she would dance back to the bowling balls-in-waiting and pick up a new one to dance it back down the lane again.   She tried on a pair of sneakers today, and she danced up and down the aisle and announced that she loved them.  She is still as easy-going and smiley as the day she was born.  This child has never once had a tantrum, never yelled at someone, never hit someone, never been angry, never said she’s hated someone.   Have I mentioned that she smiles even when she’s really, really sad?  It’s a smile that will break your heart.  She’s going to do great things – quietly.  This year she’s been chosen by her teacher to help in the kindergarten classes during lunch.  She comes home with stories about how sweet the little ones are and how she is teaching them some crafting.   Of course she is.  She is me but a ‘million hundred twenty ten’ times better.

4 Responses to “dix”
  1. Debbie says:

    TEN! Oh my. Such beautiful words, Nadine. You made me cry…AGAIN. The Bumblebee is indeed an amazing creature. I’m honoured to know her…and her kick-ass mum. Love to you both. Happy Birthday B! ❤

  2. such a beautiful beautiful post! Happy Birthday B!

  3. Isa W says:

    The Bee is a MiniNadine….of that I’m certain.

    Happy Birthday Bee 🙂

  4. Robyn says:

    Oh, wow! 10 already? Hope she had a great birthday!


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