It’s October!  How did that happen?  I’m not complaining though because I adore the fall.   The kids roll their eyes as I loudly proclaim every leaf on every tree is turning the most beautiful colour.   It’s non-stop.  I have to fight the urge to pick up every fallen leaf and display them on my mantle.   I am hankering to concoct every soup under the sun.  The wool throws have been unearthed from storage, and they are strewn over every bed, chair and sofa in the house.   Coffee and tea are continuously being poured, and the giant mugs are in heavy rotation.   Apple slices are the snack of choice.  Cinnamon is being sprinkled liberally in batters of all sorts.   And the wool.  It’s everywhere.  There’s a jacket, a pair of mittens and a scarf all on the needles.  They’re not just being knitted – they’re also being worn (or at least stuffed in bags going out the door).   I’m in the mood to bake bread and muffins.   Thankfully I’m also keeping up with my running classes and working off all those carbs.

October is Acts of Kindness month, and I encourage everyone big and little to do their part.   It’s not to say that we need only be kind in October, but that we take a month and be aware of how our behaviours and attitudes impact others.  If you’re not filling up the buckets of people around you, then you need to get on it.   Being kind to others not only fills their buckets, but it fills your own.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by lovely people who fill my bucket on a daily basis, so it’s in me to give back.   Last year, my friends and I knit purple baby hats for Clicks for Babies, but I like to spread my knitting love all around, so this year, I’ve been knitting hats for homeless youth and red scarves for Aids Awareness Week.

October 10 is World Homeless  Action Day, and we’re building another cardboard condo this year!  Last year’s event was such a valuable experience for me and the girls.   October 10 is also the night of the next City Symposium event – we’ve partnered up with Re-Think London to discuss How to Make a City Awesome.   The title alone sends shivers up my spine.  How exciting is that?  It’s free, and everyone is welcome.  No excuses.

And let’s not forget Halloween!  The Bee has been waffling between dressing up as a witch (again!), a zombie, Emily Strange, and an ice queen.  We’ve managed to hold her off from decorating the house for another week or so.  I have seen nary a bat or pumpkin appear, so success is ours.   For now.

One Response to “warm”
  1. Debbie says:

    I love me some Autumn too…and as I sit at the table during the day with Isaac we marvel at all the leaves on the giant maple across the street; yellow, red, orange. Stunning We must get to Westminster ponds this month. xoxo


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