oh deer

I picked these up for me.  Not the girls.  I love them.  That’s all.  I showed restraint by not buying a hundred.  Like I wanted to.  I resigned myself to the fact that if I ‘need’ more, I know where they are.  Sigh. Advertisements


It’s become clear that the bookshelves need to be thinned out.   The last time I opened those expecting books was over a decade ago, and there are no plans to expect again any time soon.   I’m amazed by this inventory – there are mysteries, science fiction, romances, comedies, dramas, adventures . . .  you name it, … Continue reading


Here’s proof I wear my knits and hike in the woods.  Also note that I am not afraid to wear every colour under the sun all at once.   As I was struggling to take this picture, the Bee teased me for being more worried about getting a sharp picture of the burrs rather than getting the … Continue reading


A cool Sunday spent going on a morning hike with friends followed up with a little bit of thrifting, then a delicious lunch at the market downtown.   I found a swatch watch, a set of ceramic canisters and a pretty bowl.   Next up, I’m trying out a new recipe for a creamy roasted tomato, garlic and … Continue reading


Last weekend  there was a Halloween Comicfest downtown, and I decided this was right up my geeky family’s alley.   The Teen and the Bee take after their geek Dad – they love cartoons, comics, super heroes, monsters, aliens, science fiction, fantasy,  villains, computers, technology, vampires, zombies . . .   I would feel left out, but I have … Continue reading

trick or treat

Another Halloween has passed, and despite the rain and chill, we managed to have fun and collect lots of treats.  I am getting wise to this holiday.   There is so much more I know now then my first Halloween as a parent 16 years ago. This little one of ours loves the act of trick … Continue reading