Last weekend  there was a Halloween Comicfest downtown, and I decided this was right up my geeky family’s alley.   The Teen and the Bee take after their geek Dad – they love cartoons, comics, super heroes, monsters, aliens, science fiction, fantasy,  villains, computers, technology, vampires, zombies . . .   I would feel left out, but I have crafty endeavours and community work up to my eyeballs.    When I suggested going to Comicfest, the Bee figured it was going to epic – similar to Comic Con.  In fact she kept referring to it as Comic Con, and I stopped correcting her because she was getting super excited, and it was crazy cute.   And I was right – they had a blast!  We took in a concert from 8-Bit Ghost (the Teen dated the bass player!) in the teen annex at the library.   We got free comics at Heroes (and a dreadful fright from the Grim Reaper on the way in!), and the kids were mesmerized by the comic books stacked floor to ceiling.   Our last stop was at the Uber Cool Stuff store where the Bee had her face painted, and we got personalized Waldoodle monster drawings!   The best part for me was making a mental Christmas shopping list.  I’m thinking there will definitely be comic books and Plus Plus stuffed in the stockings alongside some finger ‘stache tattoos.


2 Responses to “comicfest”
  1. Robyn says:

    We hit up ComicCon Montreal this year, it was a lot of fun! Looks like yours was too!


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