trick or treat

Another Halloween has passed, and despite the rain and chill, we managed to have fun and collect lots of treats.  I am getting wise to this holiday.   There is so much more I know now then my first Halloween as a parent 16 years ago.

  • This little one of ours loves the act of trick or treating, but could care less about the consumption of candy and chocolates.   This is good news for the dentist.  It won’t all go to waste though, because the teenager shrieked with joy when the loot was laid out on the table.  This is not good news for the dentist.
  • While it’s nice to have a hot drink in hand such as coffee while I walk the kids door to door, about twenty minutes later, I’m going to need to pee, and the kids will not even be close to being ready to go home.
  • I bought that witch hat four years ago, and she has worn it for three Halloweens so far.  A fancy witch hat is gold.  Every year, she just digs up a dress out of her closet, and she’s good to go.
  • Buy treats that your family likes.  Inevitably we only get a few trick or treaters to our door each year.   The rest is ours.  I try not  to buy too much – enough for 40 which is, in our case, dreaming.
  • I probably only have a handful of years left to accompany one of my littles on this journey, so I need to enjoy what’s left.
  • Stick with our neighbourhood – it might not be lively with lots of jack’o’lanterns or young families, and it might even take an hour to fill half a bag, but it’s wonderful to connect with the people that we share this space with.
  • Upon returning to our cozy and warm adobe, a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and taking in some Halloween-themed tv is the perfect way to end the evening.
  • Ensure the camera battery is charged.  This was a new lesson for me.   These three pictures were all that I captured before my camera died.
3 Responses to “trick or treat”
  1. LaurieM says:

    The Bee is adorable, but I find the undead cheerleader to be exceptionally creepy. I have a think against zombies. The more popular they get, the more I dislike them.

    There was no Halloween celebrations at our house this year. Fortunately for me, work hosted the trick or treaters. There are lots of young families amongst my co-workers so I got my fill of seeing the little ones all dressed up. They were young enough to still be impressed by a laughing skull with glowing eyes. “You can push the button.” I’d say…

  2. Debbie says:

    YAY! The Bumblebee looks awesome. As does the Zombie BFF. 🙂 Great tips for a trick or treating parent. You should write a book.

  3. Robyn says:

    Great costumes! Looks like Halloween was a lot of fun for you guys!


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