Here’s proof I wear my knits and hike in the woods.  Also note that I am not afraid to wear every colour under the sun all at once.   As I was struggling to take this picture, the Bee teased me for being more worried about getting a sharp picture of the burrs rather than getting the sharp burrs off my sweater.

Today at work, someone mentioned karma in a conversation, and a lightbulb went on.  I’ve spent my entire life gambling on karma.  I’m looking forward to cashing in one day.  I don’t need it now, but it’s nice to have a safety net.

Oh, and I’m saving this speech for those times I get a bit down on the world.  I’m pretty sure that the POTUS could lift me out of any funk.  I’m on a West Wing kick – I’m about 12 years behind.  In the last week, I’ve watched all of season 1, and I’m well into season 2.   I might have requested that my co-workers only speak to me while walking quickly through the corridors.  I call this honing my crisis communication skills.

2 Responses to “burrs”
  1. Debbie says:

    Burrs bring back SO many memories of my childhood. I still love it when I find them on my clothes. Weird? Probably…but I’m completely comfortable with that.

  2. Robyn says:

    That’s a lovely sweater, did you knit it yourself? What yarn is that?


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