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With only nine days remaining before Christmas, we decorated the tree.   New this year are a couple of giraffes, a couple of elephants and some cake slices adorning the tree.   We’ve doubled the lights which has been an issue the last few years as Josh and the girls’ choice of tree has increasingly got larger – this year’s tree touches the ceiling.  Oddly enough, I picked up cool-white lights in error, but we’ve distributed the new cool-white lights with the old warm-white lights, and it actually looks awesome.  Who knew?  And then last week, I happened upon this simple white organza ribbon by the boatload, and I knew it would make the perfect garland.   The tree looks fabulous.

I’m happy.  We’re all happy.  There’s nothing better than turning off all the lights in the evening and knitting by the tree’s side all curled up under some blankets with a cup of tea.  Simple pleasures.

2 Responses to “tree”
  1. sounds (and looks) wonderful! Merry Christmas friend! 🙂


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