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It’s official. We now have a 17-year old. We celebrated with her favourite dessert – cheesecake. Lucky for me because it happens to be my favourite too. She loved the Dr. Who sonic screwdriver we gave her.

I remember opening gifts at her baby shower shortly after she was born. One gift was a dress that was big enough for a 5-year old. I made a silly comment how ancient I would be when the dress finally fit her. Here we are now, and she’s a beautiful young lady! Time is flying too fast.

“I don’t know that she is as amusing as she was when she was a child, but she makes me love her, and I like people who make me love them.  It saves me so much trouble in making myself love them.”
―     L.M. Montgomery,     Anne of Green Gables

One Response to “17”
  1. Debbie says:

    She is indeed beautiful. And smart and engaging and engaged. You are doing a brilliant job raising her…and she’s so lucky to have you…even if she doesn’t realise that yet. That picture with the bluey background and sparkles takes my breath away. Happy Birthday, Ella. Enjoy 17. ❤


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