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The Bee and I kicked off March Break with a tour and workshop at Ziraldo Alpaca Farm.  It was a sunny and warm afternoon filled with fun facts, picture-taking, petting, and dreaming.   After the tour of the farm and getting acquainted with the alpacas, we gathered around the big farmhouse kitchen table with friends, and we felted alpaca around bars of handmade soap.  We’ll have to add that new skill to our resumes.  It hasn’t even been a week, and we already miss our alpaca peeps – Opal, Sir Tumnus, Shamrock, Fancy, Mr. Jimmy Brown, Evangeline, Venus and all the others.  I think the Bee loved Luna and Reese – the giant farm dogs – even more.   And I mustn’t forget Rosie the horse!  We have to go back soon because I didn’t bring home any yarn.   Imagine that.  Blasphemous!

One Response to “alpacas”
  1. Jen says:

    There are a couple of alpaca farms near my home too, I know what you mean… they are such quirky and adorable presences, those alpacas are !


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