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I disappeared there.  No reason really.  Just felt the need to be quiet.  But I’ve been up to lots.  Hiking, yoga, biking, socializing, reading, playing soccer, running, working, eating, sleeping  . . . just not writing.  I love the longer hours of daylight in the late spring, and I took advantage of them.   Getting out and about the city and country.  It all feels so good.  I’m content.   The girls are almost finished the school year – the oldest starts her exams on Thursday.

Have you seen the new fall Knitty patterns?  I want to knit the Jackaroo Cardigan for me and the Squirrels Hat for the girls and the Arguyle Sweater for Josh.  This might be my most favourite issue to date.  I think I might also need the Lewis tunic too.  My ravelry queue only gets longer.

We finally have passports, and I am getting the itch to travel.  I’m avoiding anything tourist-y.  I wouldn’t like anywhere that is filled with gads of people.  I’m looking for a destination that is steeped in culture and history, beauty (architecture, landscape, art), amazing food, different, both serene and bustling . . .  and something that won’t completely break the bank.  Any ideas?

Speaking of dream vacations,  I did add travelling on the Canadian to BC to my to-do list.   Taking the train across the country – across plains and through mountains – for five days reading books, knitting and feasting on fancy meals sounds super classy and a perfect way to travel.   I just need to start saving.  Anyone want to join me?

2 Responses to “outdoors”
  1. Isa says:

    What I wouldn’t give to join you on your train trek Nadine! Yes, I love the new Knitty list too! The Jackaroo made me look twice 🙂 I miss you 😦

    • corazenia says:

      I miss you too, my friend! I have a few colours in my stash with which I could make the Jackaroo! I just need more needles and more hours in the day! I will come out to visit you at the Bloomin’ Bog! Promise! 🙂


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