nuit blanche encore

IMG_0478 IMG_0482 IMG_0485IMG_0497 IMG_0506 IMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0534 IMG_0549 IMG_0550 IMG_0558

I could write so much about how wonderful nuit blanche was once again, but I will let the pictures tell you.  I’d be hard pressed to pick just one favourite part – there were so many.  Audio Forge in front of Bud Gardens, dancing on the lawn of Museum London, Art Fusion at the end of a pitch-black alley, rollin’ up the cosmos behind Über Cool Stuff, the life-size to-do list overlooking the Thames, spoken word on every block (someone belted out “Show us some sad shit!” preceding a love poem), and hanging with my two favourite girls after dark.   I imagine strolling the streets of Paris at midnight might be comparable.

3 Responses to “nuit blanche encore”
  1. Robyn says:

    That Tetris thing is very cool!

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  1. […] I really do feel horrible for everyone who doesn’t go and experience the awesomeness that is nuit blanche.   Do you know what I mean?  The good news is I saw almost all of my favourite people, and I have […]


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