Today you turn 11.  I often refer to you as “the littlest”, but you’re not so little anymore.  You are growing into a very independent and wise girl.   And you are still the sweetest and kindest person in the world.  I wonder every day in amazement how we are so lucky to be blessed by you.  When I say that I want to strap you on my back and take you everywhere with me, I’m not lying.  Honest to Todd, I miss you all of the time I’m not beside you.  I worry that this is kind of crazy.

A little while back I overheard your sister tell someone that the two of you have never argued ever.  I thought about that.  It’s true, but it has very little to do with her or anyone else.   It’s you.  You have never argued with anyone.  You have never hated anyone.  You have never thrown a tantrum.  You just don’t get mad.  That’s not to say that you are always happy and fine – you get sad sometimes, and I can see your heart breaking.   Last week your best friend’s baby niece passed away, and tears slid down your cheeks, and you came to me for a hug that lasted almost half an hour.  You have the deepest empathy for everyone.

I love that you love sitting on the Children’s Museum’s tween council and volunteering at the food bank.   This year we even gave our time and energy at a family literacy night at a local elementary school, and you were awesome showing the young kids how to find and play free literacy-based apps for mobile devices.  I hope you always give back to the community because the world needs more awesome people like you.

I could go on and on about how special you are.  And it’s not because I’m your mum and must.  I’m always getting compliments about how lovely you are inside and out.  I wish I could take credit, but you are all you.  Happy birthday, Bee.

3 Responses to “eleven”
  1. Debbie says:

    Beautiful, Nadine. Tears are sliding down my cheeks as we speak. And it is true; Bee is incredibly special. What a girl, with a wonderful heart (she absolutely gets that from you). Love her to bits. Happy Birthday, sweet girl. xoxox

  2. tara says:

    debbie is so right, nadine, this is beautiful and makes me wish i knew your “littlest”. She sounds like one very special person. best birthday wishes to her. xo

  3. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday to your darling Youngest ! My Youngest (niece, seen about on my blog) is turning 11 in one month. 🙂


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