ahoy matey!

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I’m a little late in posting this, but the Bee and I attended a pirate potluck party mid-summer.   The Bee spent days planning out her pirate outfit and searching out the most brilliant pirate potluck contribution.   In classic Bee-style, she killed it.   She’s the one with the red bandanna on her head.  She paired it with a gauzy gold blouse with a brown flouncy peasant skirt, moccasins, and a red sash.  Oh, and lots of bangles and necklaces.    I guess this pirate had ransacked some bling-bling during a voyage.  The piece de resistance though, was her idea to float clementine wedges in blue jello with tiny, little pirate flags on toothpicks.   This would have been a super easy job had I been able to find ready-made blue jello cups, but I had no luck.  12 individual plastic food-savers and several boxes of blue jello powder later, we had homemade blue jello cups.  She printed out the pirate flags she found here.  They were a hit at the party!   And I think we can add blue jello to the very short list of foods the Bee will actually eat.  Boo-yah.



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