The girls have returned to school, and we’re getting back into the routine of packing lunches, early mornings, finishing homework, studying for tests, meet the teacher nights, and all that jazz.  El had her last first day of highschool.  The Bee started 6th grade.  They were excited; and as sad as it is to no longer sleep in, the summer wasn’t one that I’m sad to see end.

We spent a lot of it waiting for a quadruple bypass for my dad.  Weeks passed, and it turned into a month and then some more weeks, and that sort of stuff just looms and casts a shadow over everything.   And just when I was finding it hard to breathe and was ready to punch necks, he had the surgery and is on the long road to recovery.  I am impressed by his strength and resilience.   His medical team was quick and efficient with a dash of caring.  He still has a way to go, but things are settling.

It hasn’t been all heart-heavy and dark here.  There was also lots of good – El got her first job and is still reeling from her first paycheque.  Working really does pay off, and Todd knows, university is expensive.   The four of us went camping for the first time, and although we set out with the intention that it would also be our last time, we kind of unintentionally enjoyed it.   El also got accepted into the WISE program, and she just started her first university-level course – Intro to Social Justice & Peace at Kings.  I am likely going to beg to help her with homework.

I still managed to knit – another blanket.   Spending hours in hospital waiting rooms is conducive to knitting.  Although this one is not as large as the last blanket, it is squishy warm and soft in all of its lovely garter stitch, and it was finished just in time for the crisp, cool temperatures of fall.  Also worthy of noting is the speed that these blankets are being whisked away to other corners of the house and adopted by the littlest.  Why does she need both blankets?  She is only one person – and a smaller person to boot!   I want one of them back.  My feet are getting cold.

2 Responses to “persevere”
  1. Isa says:

    Oh Nadine! Heavens! I had no idea about your Dad. I’m so glad to hear that he’s on the road to recovery.

    As for the girls….can’t believe the Bee is in 6th grade and El is in high school. Where does the time go? So many congrats to her for getting a job and getting into the Wise program.

    Your blankie is fantastic! I don’t know where you find the time! I miss your smiling face 😦


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