apples and more apples


I’ve always loved apple orchards and picking apples.  It’s a fun afternoon spent outdoors with the girls, AND it’s productive. This year we found an orchard very close by without all the silly frills – just plain ol’ apple picking.    I’d rather skip the crowds, the trains/wagons, the mazes, the gift shops, the line-ups for rides, the animals, the play equipment and with all of that, the admission fees.   From now on, I’m going to stick with the Dwarf Tree Orchard.  It was quiet and serene, the apples were delicious (albeit pocked by hail), and it cost me just $10 for half a bushel.    This overflowing pile of apples will be sliced up and packed in lunches, cooked up in applesauce and baked in crisps and pies.   And when they’ve almost disappeared, that will call for another trip to the orchard for more fun and more picking and more eating.  Life is good.

One Response to “apples and more apples”
  1. Robyn says:

    I hear you! We spent today making yet another round of pies and applesauce. We had pears too so we did poached pears, apple pear pie and sauce as well! Our fruit was all free!
    We had 5 shopping bags and two green boxes. Full!


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