giving thanks

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving this weekend, I have finished this sentence “I am thankful for . . . ” every day this week.  Here’s what I have captured:

It’s so hard to pick one thing!  I’m thankful that I have a boss who regularly makes me (her assistant) a hot cup of tea. I’m thankful that I had just enough peanut butter to make freshly baked cookies for dessert.  I’m thankful that the father of my children had a nice dinner (chicken pesto pasta) ready for me as soon as I walked in the door.  I’m thankful that my teen brought home her mid-term marks, and she’s easily pulling a 95 average in her last year of high school.  I’m thankful that my littlest laughed so hard just now that she tooted and that made me laugh.

Today I’m thankful for my stinky shoes not stinking.   If I could talk to my stinky shoes, I would say, “Please stay non-stinky until my afternoon of meetings is over.”

Today I’m thankful that I had squirrelled away a cereal bar in my lunch bag two weeks ago, because I needed a sweet treat to accompany my afternoon tea.  It was a bit squished, but it still tasted divine.

I’m thankful for being able to attend the homeless memorial this morning and hearing poetry written by those who have lived on the streets.  It was a reality check that I never tire of hearing.  Everyone deserves dignity.  I am blessed to have a roof, walls, windows and doors and all the jazz that comes with being fed and clean and safe and loved.   Life is good until it isn’t. It’s that simple.

I’m thankful to start my four-day weekend with bacon and eggs and toast and orange juice and coffee in my ‘jamas.  I’m also thankful that our day is wide open – maybe a drive to the lake?  Or a hike in the woods?  We could pop into the library.  We have no where to be and nothing that needs to be done.  It’s a gift.

Looking back at this tiny snapshot of my daily practice of gratitude, it’s clear that I like food and drink, and for the most part, I take pleasure in the little things.  I’d like to think that it is because I try really hard to keep my feet on the ground and my eye on the bigger picture.   And lots of deep breathing.



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