I managed to squeeze in everything that I wanted to do and see last month- the beach, the market, the local fibre festival, the trails, and family.  And eat.  So much turkey, pie, stuffing, ice cream, French fries, apple fritters . . .  I tried to absolve myself with lots of hiking and a tiny bit of running, but then I would feast again and so on until I had circled myself back to the beginning.   Genius, really.

I’ve begun my Christmas knitting, and the list keeps getting longer.  I am  grateful that the girls are loving knits right now, but I’m worried that the list has become impossibly undoable.  Ironically I dug out our winter woolens, and there are too many for us to possibly wear.  Regardless, I have under two months to knit the following items:

  • Cowichan Cardigan for the teen – pros: it’s bulky yarn; therefore a quicker knit, cons: INTARSIA?!?!
  • Camilla Pullover for the tween – I’ve already knit the body & one sleeve while avoiding the Cowichan Cardigan
  • Gap-tastic Cowl for the teen – bulky yarn again thank goodness
  • Slouchy Hat for the teen – or something similar, I’m thinking simple, worsted weight wool
  • Beanie Hat for Mr. J – historically he only wears store-bought knits so the fact that he has asked for this means he might buy into this hand-knitting jazz . .  . finally
  • Ribbed Socks for the teen – I already knit her a pair, but I’m thinking she might not like that colourway, so I’m knitting a second pair with only one sock to go, and she can choose one pair, and I will gladly adopt the other

I can do this.  I just can’t do anything else until then.  Just sleeping, working and knitting.   And eating.

One Response to “queue”
  1. tara says:

    nadine, you are an ambitious christmas knitter! and the fact that you are knitting two sweaters for the teen makes you mother of the year. like j, mike has finally actually asked for something hand knit this year — gloves!! i am trying to think my way out of making them because, well, it’s gloves but the guilt will probably win out. :0)


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