tuesday snooze day


Life is being lived.  School + work + sleep + food + laughter + yoga + knitting this  – a cabled hat that fits perfectly and is just the right amount of hipster I’m going for.  Oh and muffins.  So many muffins.  I’ve baked 5 dozen muffins over the last week, and I have eaten half of them – that’s my conservative estimate.


I use this muffin recipe, and while these muffins are fortified with chocolate chips, I’ve made variations of lemon-cranberry, blueberry, raspberry . . . you name it.  It never fails me.  It’s my favourite.  However, I’m starting to feel like a sloth.  No offence, sloths.


While I’ve been gorging on baked goods, I asked myself, “Why stop there?”, so I decided to treat myself to a pretty little succulent-filled china tea cup from the Saturday morning farmers market.  You can’t wait for others to shower you with gifts and treasures.   You just got to do it yourself.  Feel free to not rationalize that thought.   I leave you with this.

4 Responses to “tuesday snooze day”
  1. maeussle says:

    Beautiful hat and color! I so would have gotten that plant for myself, too 😉

  2. amberwideman says:

    Mmm…what perfect looking muffins! I might have to give those a go!

  3. tara says:

    you are the most productive sloth i have had the pleasure of knowing :0)


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