snow shoe 008 straight snow shoe 021 straight snow shoe 025 snow shoe 026IMG_3049


Bought my first pair of snowshoes and went snow-shoeing for the first time.   THAT was awesome.   There was no one else in sight – just blue skies and sunshine and sparkle-y snow and fresh air and uncharted territory.  If I ran for political office, my campaign slogan would be, “Snowshoes for everyone.”  And then we’d all go snow-shoeing.  And drink hot frothy vanilla milk sweetened with honey with a sprinkling of cinnamon.   And then I would teach everyone to knit because I usually always feel bad for people who can’t knit.  They’re missing out on all the fun.

One Response to “snowshoes”
  1. Jen says:

    Way to GO Nadine !!! (Take yer knitting… be a knit-snow-shoer? xx


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