Today you’re 18.  That’s crazy.  I knew exactly what I was going to write for your birthday post a couple of weeks ago.   I was driving you to work (THIS YEAR YOU GOT A JOB!!!!), and this song came on the radio . . .

We laughed and laughed, and then laughed on top of that laughing because it was your favourite song.   Forever.   I don’t remember you NOT loving this song.   It’s funny for so many reasons.  Mainly it’s because you were the least cheerful kid ever.   Thinking of you listening to this song over and over is so weird.   This song is so happy and smiley and bouncy and silly.  And you are so serious and brood-y and no nonsense and non-move-y.   At the same time, this makes complete sense because once your dad and I were having a conversation about you, and one of us – probably him – concluded that  you were simply put “a conundrum wrapped up in an enigma.”   And that was the light bulb moment.  It makes sense in the sense that it doesn’t.  We like that about you.

This has really been your year.  You’ve really come into yourself.  You are working hard at getting high marks.   You’ve developed healthy and mature relationships with your friends and teachers.  You’ve become a financial wizard having saved up a hefty sum for your future.  You have embraced your natural beauty – gone are the days of hours spent on hair and make-up, and you’re more beautiful than ever.  You’ve become quite organized and independent – you wake up wordlessly and go about your self-imposed routine every morning – grabbing your thermal mug of tea and slinging your knapsack over your shoulder and you’re off before anyone else wakes up.  I can’t say I miss the daily arguments about putting on your snowpants when you were little.    Your sister is making up for that.

I have enjoyed your explanations and summaries about what you’re learning in your social justice and peace class.  I ask you a million questions, and you patiently explain terms and give me examples.  We debate and share stories, and I learn so much.  Not only about important world issues, but also about you.  You’re growing into a caring and intelligent young lady, and what excites me most is that you will make a brilliantly well-informed and thoughtful voter  – just in time for the municipal election in October.  When you have a free minute, let’s talk about the signs we’re going to put up in the front yard.

Love Mum

3 Responses to “eighteen”
  1. Debbie says:

    18!!! Wow have the years have flown.

    Nadine – you are a brilliant mother; so honest and caring and full of love for your girls. But what inspires me the most is how you do effortlessly lead by example. Your girls will turn out brilliant because they have you to follow. They have you guiding them with thoughtfulness and purpose and fill of passion. They will be brilliant because it’s in their genes. xo

    Ella – Happy Birthday, lovely girl. It’s been lovely watching you grow up over the last number of years. I hope you have a wonderful day and that this year brings you all the happiness your heart can hold. xo

  2. Kittenears says:

    what a beautiful tribute.

    She sounds like a wonderful woman, very much taking after her wonderful mum.


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