Last weekend we packed a picnic of sandwiches and fruit, and we headed to the pioneer village where it was sure to be quiet and more our speed.   I laid a vintage flowery bedsheet under a big ol’ tree and settled in for the afternoon.  I had my knitting and a book, and the … Continue reading


  I am always, always, always game for a good 1800’s battle re-enactment.  If you’re ever looking for someone to accompany you to an 1800’s battle re-enactment, I’m your person.  I love the soldiers, the wool uniforms, the plumes in their caps, the fields, the band, the white canvas tents, the camp fires, the sideburns, … Continue reading


Still here.   The Bee and I hit up some sketching in the gallery at Museum London, and I realized how rusty my drawing skills have become.   I think I’ll stick to knitting.

spring hiking

  There’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors and seeing nature wake up after a long, very cold winter.  It’s a nice change from the office walls and computer screen I stare at all week.  The best thing about more daylight hours is adding some evening hikes into the mix too, because it’s lovely to … Continue reading


I would never refer to this kid as an avid reader because I have to remind her to read with the exception of manga – she is obsessed.  One of the gifts of raising another  being is discovering things you would have otherwise missed living in your own world.  There is actually a local store devoted to … Continue reading