I would never refer to this kid as an avid reader because I have to remind her to read with the exception of manga – she is obsessed.  One of the gifts of raising another  being is discovering things you would have otherwise missed living in your own world.  There is actually a local store devoted to all things manga and anime – Neo Tokyo.  I would never have stepped inside this treasure-filled store if it wasn’t for my manga geek.  For a recent family movie night we watched Kiki’s Delivery Service.  It was pretty neat.

When I was a kid, my nose was always in a book, and if my nose wasn’t in a book, it wanted to be.   I lived for Saturdays spent in bed with a pile of books on the floor by the head of my bed.  Eating breakfast at the kitchen table was only bearable if there were cereal boxes to read.  Oddly enough I was never in a book club whereas this kid is a devoted book club member** – she’s read every book choice AND never missed a meeting.  This month’s selection is A Wrinkle in Time – we’ve started and stopped reading it many times before, but now we’re committed.   I’m looking forward to the ending.  I don’t think it would hurt either to look up the movie.  Just in case.

** The book club is a Mother-Daughter book club with 5 mums and 6 daughters (2 are twins).    Each month, one of the tweens selects a book  listed on A Mighty Girl, and they host the meeting and facilitate the discussion. There are always lots of snacks and an assortment of teas and no shortage of conversation.  We’re well into our second year, and it’s something we look forward to every month.  



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