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Last weekend we packed a picnic of sandwiches and fruit, and we headed to the pioneer village where it was sure to be quiet and more our speed.   I laid a vintage flowery bedsheet under a big ol’ tree and settled in for the afternoon.  I had my knitting and a book, and the Bee and her friend played with hoops and sticks and yo-yos and kaleidoscopes.  Eventually we got re-acquainted with the sheep and our most favourite haunt – the Peel House.   It turns out the Bee has mastered the yo-yo,  and so we had to pick one up from the General Store on the way out.  It’s always dangerous going in there because they have giant glass jars filled with old-fashioned candy.  Candy makers are wizards at making their goods look mouth-watering and delicious, and the Bee is easily hypnotized by their allure – the bright shiny colours, the wrappers, the swizzles, the sugar, the promises of taste explosions – but  she has no memory of disliking every confectionery she’s ever tried.  It’s like Groundhog Day with that kid and bonbons.   Don’t get me started on trick-or-treating.  But I’m getting off-topic.  We managed to escape with just the yo-yo.

Anyone got any yo-yo tricks to share?  I’d like to keep this hobby alive for longer than a week.  Personally, I think I’ll just stick with my kendama.   Now there’s some real tricks!



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