a glimpse of my dream farm

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There’s nothing truly better than escaping to the country for a few hours after being cooped up in a windowless office for a week.   I rushed home after work to change into my jeans and  an old gingham blouse, grabbed my pill-y wool cardigan and some rainboots, packed up the littlest and a bag of cherry licorice, and the two of us hit the road.   Getting out of the city took the longest, but eventually we were sailing by fields as far as the eye could see.  The farm wasn’t hard to find at all – the littlest was very helpful reading the map and directions that I had printed out.  I know.  Paper maps are totally old-school.   I’m not a fan of the GPS  – it’s very interrupt-y.

The campfire was already lit, and a gaggle of 7-week old piglets greeted us.  In no time at all, we were visiting the cows in the pasture and chomping on some raw asparagus.   While the tween girls ran off to explore the rest of the  property, the moms returned to the fire with hot cups of tea.   We commiserated with each other about the joys and challenges of parenting.  I have the greatest respect for these mothers, so it was a relief to hear that we have had and are having common experiences.   The girls eventually made their way back to us so that we could discuss the latest book club selection – A Wrinkle in Time.   As always, the questions, led by the tweens, were well prepared.  Questions such as Meg and Charles Wallace have a special connection – do you have a special connection with a sibling?  If you could “tesser” anywhere, where would you go?  What do you think was Meg’s best quality?   How did you imagine Aunt Beast?  That one was funny because it was a real free for all, but best described as a giant, furry, blobby, horrifying, starfish shape with a depressed mouth/tentacle/sucky thing in the middle.

It was hard to leave, but our faces and hands were sticky with marshmallows, and it was getting dark.  When I mentioned that we’d be back every Friday night, I think they thought I was joking.

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