annual day of fun

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Every Saturday of the Victoria Day weekend is my Annual Day of Fun with one of my colleagues, and  fun was had.   It’s just an ol’ diner breakfast, a trip to the farmers’ market for fruit and vegetables, and hitting up a nursery for flowers, but it’s an adventure I look forward to each time filled with laughter and good company.  Every year there are sundresses that smell like meat, handfuls of ouzo candies, hunts for plants I’m pretty sure don’t exist, cookies baked by old ladies, the same exact waitresses, bags of dirt, and all kinds of other strange encounters.  And the best part might just be our efficiency (perhaps due to crazy early starts) – we’re always home by noon.   That left me the rest of the day to cook up some dishes for the upcoming week, visit my littlest cousin for a playdate, and lastly pop over to the neighbours’ yard  for a glass of wine and fireworks.

And it got me thinking about fun.  I have a lot of it.  And I make a lot of it.  As someone really awesome recently said to me, “More than anyone I know, you make your own days awesome.”  It was hands down the bestest compliment I’ve ever received, and I thought to myself, “Heck yeah!  I do!”  Then I floated around on a cloud for the rest of the day.  So remember this – you have the power to make every day awesome.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it.  They’re too busy making their days awesome for themselves.   And I’m not saying go throw a party or plan an expensive vacation.  Find the awesome in stuff you already have, in people you know, in the activities that you do, in the places you go . . .  Sometimes it’s little and hiding a bit, but it’s there if you look closely, and sometimes it’s blaring in your face like a bright pink princess cat shirt hanging beside the butcher’s counter.   Then instagram that shizzle forever.   Or else it didn’t happen.



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