summer’s here



The girls are finishing up school this week – one is off to university in the fall, and the other is heading off to overnight camp for the first time ever this week.  Big leaps.  They’re ready.  I know this, but it’s still a bit rumbly in my tumbly for me.

I’m getting a taste of being alone in the house.  It’s weird, but not entirely unwelcome.  I make the meals that I want to eat WHEN I want to eat.  I can clean and do laundry, and there is no one just slouching around watching videos while I sweat.  That is gold.  Why can’t they get up and help me?  It must be their mum-blindness.   This new found solitude comes with some disadvantages though.   I’m missing the cuddles.  And some of the banter.  They’re pretty funny.  Only four more days to go.  And several more loads of laundry.

This week I will enjoy:

  • eating guacamole and chips for lunch
  • watching movies
  • knitting ANOTHER pair of socks
  • working on two municipal election campaigns
  • strawberry picking
  • bike riding
  • double yoga
  • only packing one lunch
  • cleaning up the laundry room
  • browsing online for a couch and some storage solutions for the basement
  • quinoa everything
  • playing music loudly and dancing


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