Just baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and they’ve passed the all-important taste test by the Bee.  This is good because she can take a dozen on her playdate tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been listening to The Zolas non-stop since the weekend.  I need someone to love them with. This is a short post – I really need … Continue reading

diy club

The Bee and a gaggle of her friends came together to work on the Chemist badge and be silly.  We picked three fairly easy and quick challenges: manufacture a chemical product (bouncy ball) experiment with soap write a secret message I felt like I was really organized.  I sent out very detailed + engaging invitations, bought … Continue reading

self care

I’ve been thinking a lot about self care lately. You know when there’s something on your mind, and suddenly you see it everywhere?  It’s gotten to that point.  So I wrote a post  about it last week here. This week, I’ve been thinking of the stuff I left out.  Maybe I need to write a … Continue reading