diy club

The Bee and a gaggle of her friends came together to work on the Chemist badge and be silly.  We picked three fairly easy and quick challenges:

  • manufacture a chemical product (bouncy ball)
  • experiment with soap
  • write a secret message

I felt like I was really organized.  I sent out very detailed + engaging invitations, bought all the supplies, loaded up on refreshments, sent out reminders and set up the room the day before.

Things I didn’t think out:

  • food colour + carpet is just asking for a spill
  • kids love messy best – factor in a LOT of cleaning
  • kids love fire
  • mini marshmallows + toothpicks + fire = tiny-scale marshmallow roasting
  • fruit < marshmallows

In the end, it was a success.  The girls had a good time.  And we’ll totally do it again.  In a few months. 

diy club meeting experiment with soap IMG_5068 IMG_5079 IMG_5085 IMG_5094 IMG_5095 IMG_5096  ivory soap secret messageIMG_5097



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