last day of holidays

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With a lot of digging around online and driving through the countryside, we managed to hunt down a little piece of the Trans Canada Trail.   I was more excited than you can possibly imagine.  It was literally out in the middle of nowhere, and we drove by it twice before spotting it.  We walked for less than an hour – it started sprinkling a bit, and I was afraid of getting my camera soaked, so we headed back to the car.  The girls were more than happy to get back to the cottage as we were in the middle of an audio book, and we all had different guesses to how it would end.  I’m pretty sure I’m right, but we still have six chapters left.

Now we’re home and getting ready for a big turkey feast at my parents’ house.  This year I am in charge of bringing the cans of corn which is barely a step up from the pickle tray.  At least with the pickle tray, I could get a little creative, but cans of corn?  How do I Martha Stewart that?  But if I was able to Martha the cans of corn, oh what I story I would have to tell!  Perhaps this is the universe telling me to relax, put my feet up, and just bring the cans – maybe use all that time saved to bake an apple pie from scratch.  Ah, yes.  I love you, universe.  That is exactly what I plan to do.



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