friends in the forest city

IMG_7306 IMG_7317

I love my family.  Like I would marry them every day if I could.  I will drop all plans to spend time with them.

But there’s something to be said for friends- the ones who choose us and the ones we choose.  I’m confident that I’ve got this friend-making business down to an art.   And it’s quite possible that the littlest has inherited this skill.  Sometimes we even hit double jackpot – befriending an entire family.  That’s gold!

Last week, we found ourselves in a room of like-minded, passionate, and dare I say “progressive” citizens, and we were winning what seemed like an impossible dream. All of our hard work was paying off.   It was unlike anything I’ve experienced.  Ironically I had just spent two days trying to figure out how we could buy a second home in cottage country with plans to eventually move out of the city as we transitioned our work.  The thing is that it was doable.  Tight , but doable.  It’s never been a secret that I’ve wanted to move to the country.  I probably mention it once a day. But then here we were at this celebration full of friends and future friends, and it occurred to me that we belong here.  We can’t leave.  These are our peeps, and this is our city.  It’s taken a long time to find these wonderfully inspiring individuals and call this place our home – we’re invested.   So we’ll stay put a bit longer and see how this plays out.



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