that bread

IMG_7699  IMG_7715 IMG_7722 Most Saturdays we like to hit up the local farmers market for the week’s produce.   It has a small-town feeling where we bump into lots of familiar faces and catch up.  We always split a half-sweet vanilla latte, and we always hem and haw over the dutch apple fritters.  This week we treated ourselves to a big log of summer sausage and a block of maple-smoked cheddar – the Bee and I love snacking on these tiny luxuries.  We also hit the jackpot with a giant sack of cortland apples, the largest butternut squash I’ve ever seen, and the usual stuff – plum tomatoes, bananas, blueberries, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, kale, and mangoes.  After the market, we popped into a handmade holidays sale at the local Waldorf school, and they had a little cafe set up in one of the classrooms where they were selling chunks of Irish soda bread and mugs of hot apple cider.  And that’s when I got it in me that I needed to go home and make soda bread for everything – especially to accompany our summer sausage, apple slices and cubes of cheddar.  I love Alice Waters’ soda bread recipe from The Art of Simple Food.  I usually borrow this beautiful cookbook from the library, but the library was closed by the time I had this bee in my bonnet.  So I googled, and what do you know? I found the recipe online.  I never have buttermilk, but you can substitute it with milk using two cups of milk and two tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

3 Responses to “that bread”
  1. happynfull says:

    Hmm never heard of soda bread before- I’ll have to try the recipe!


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